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Frequently Asked Questions

- What do I need to import my goods into Mexico?
A: A commercial invoice from the vendor. We suggest you provide us with the contact of the vendor and your order number in case we need additional information or documents.

- What taxes do I have to pay?
A: The primary tax is the IVA (VAT) which is 16%. Each item may be subject to additional importation fees depending on several factors such as country of origin, type of product, materials, use, etc. 
Items made in USA or Canada only pay IVA (16%) and are not subject to additional taxes due to the NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement). A certificate of origin must be presented to apply the NAFTA benefit. 

- What do I have to do to import my goods to Mexico?
A: Contact our import department at imports@cargobaja.com and we will provide you a step by step guideline to make it simple. 

- How long will it take to receive my goods?
A: We run a weekly importation therefor the average delivery time is 10 days and it depends on where you are and when your items arrive.
We close our importation on Fridays and deliver by the next Friday or Saturday.

- How can I bring my used items?
A: Used items must be imported, but there are other alternatives for households, please call us so we can help you see if you qualify. 

- How do you charge?
A: We charge based on price and volume of the merchandise. We also provide a fixed rate to frequent customers. Our rate includes:
* Reception in San Diego
* Product inspection
* Storage for up to 2 weeks
* Importation and related expenses (does not include additional taxes and fees)
* Transportation
* Delivery
- How can I get a quote?
A: In order to provide you with a quote we need the following information:
* Point of origin (please specify how many stories and if there is access for our truck)
* Destination (please specify how many stories and if there is access for our truck)
* Volume (you may provide pictures or a list with estimated measurements)
* It is important to know if you have heavy or bulky items that may need special maneuvers.

- How can I know the volume of my goods?
A: We will be happy to stop by and visit your house (in Cabo, San Diego or Guadalajara) free of charge in order to help you determine the volume. If you live outside these cities please visit our links section to find an online tool.

- Do you pack everything?
A: Our standard service includes packing of large furniture such as appliances, furniture and large objects. You pack the small items and personal belongings such as clothes, pantry, kitchen items, decorative items, etc.
We can also provide our VIP service in which we take care of everything. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

- What items are restricted for international moves?
A: Food, firearms, gunpowder, drugs, medicine, cash, soil, animals, illegally copied material (music, movies, software, etc.), repetitive items that may suggest retail.

- Do you have or provide packing material?
A: We usually have second hand boxes for our customers (subject to availability) and we also have new material for sale. Please call us and we will be happy to help you.